131st National Librarian’s Day 2023


Librarian’s Day:

Librarian’s Day is celebrated in India on August 12th every year in honor of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan, a pioneer in the field of library science and documentation. Dr. Ranganathan was a visionary librarian and mathematician who significantly contributed to the organization and management of libraries. He developed several innovative library classification systems and cataloging techniques, revolutionizing the way information is organized and accessed in libraries.

Dr. Ranganathan’s work emphasized the importance of user-centric services and efficient information retrieval. His Five Laws of Library Science are foundational principles in modern librarianship. Librarian’s Day serves as a tribute to his legacy and the crucial role that librarians play in disseminating knowledge and promoting education.

The Biography of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan:

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan (1892–1972) was an Indian librarian, mathematician, and educator, often referred to as the “Father of Library Science in India.” Born on August 12, 1892, in Shiyali, Tamil Nadu, India, he had a keen interest in mathematics from a young age and pursued studies in mathematics and library science.

Dr. Ranganathan is best known for his pioneering work in library science, where he introduced innovative concepts and systems to enhance the organization and accessibility of information in libraries. He developed the Colon Classification System, which provided a logical and systematic approach to classifying books and documents based on subject matter.

His contributions to cataloging and information retrieval led to the creation of the “Five Laws of Library Science,” which laid the foundation for modern library practices. These laws emphasized principles such as “Books are for use,” “Every reader has his or her book,” and “Save the time of the reader.”

In addition to his work in library science, Dr. Ranganathan was also instrumental in establishing library education programs in India and played a crucial role in shaping the curriculum and standards for library professionals. His efforts have had a lasting impact on library science education and practice, not only in India but also internationally.

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan’s legacy continues to inspire librarians and information professionals around the world, and Librarian’s Day is celebrated to honor his remarkable contributions to the field of library science and his dedication to promoting knowledge dissemination and education.