Print Resources of the KRC have been divided into three main categories General Collection, Reserve Book Collection and Reference Collection.

General Collection: Books, monographs etc. from this collection can be checked by the members as per their entitlement. General Collection includes professional texts and course related books on all disciplines. The readers may consult treatises, commentaries, review and collection of short articles for in depth study of the topic and as a supplement to the textbooks and other course material. The KRC, as a matter of policy, stocks only limited number of copies of main textbooks for each course.

Reference (REF) Collection: Comprises of a comprehensive collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, manuals, geographical sources, handbooks, multi-volume treatises on specialized subjects. Readers may also find a few copies of main textbooks and course related supplementary readings placed as ‘Reserved’ on the request of the faculty concerned. Material from reference collection cannot be checked out.

BSDU Publication (BSDU): BSDU publication under various series in the form of books are kept in this category. One copy out of three copies received is kept reserved and only other copies can be borrowed. The Copies, have been arranged in order of publications numbers.

Reserve Book (RB) Collection: Reserve book collection consists of one copy out of three multiple copies of each text and reference books as well as competitive exam preparation books available in single copy are kept in this section. These can be read/ referred to in the KRC and not allowed to be borrowed.