FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Qs. How can I get membership of Library?

Ans. Anybody who wishes to get the membership of KRC, have to fill the particular form for membership.

Qs. Where can I get the membership form of KRC?

Ans. Either from circulation desk or KRC website or OPAC page of KRC.

Qs. How many books I can borrow from Library?

Ans. It is totally depends the nature of your membership.

Qs. How long I can put a book of Library?

Ans. It is totally depends the nature of your membership.

Qs. What kind of resources available in Library?

Ans. KRC have a rich collection of books, magazines, journals, newspaper etc. you need to visit to get maximum benefit.

Qs. How do I know the availability of information resources in the library?

Ans. The best way to find the information resources, that you are looking for is through online public access catalogue (OPAC) at: http://krc.ruj-bsdu.in

Qs. How can I get access the e-databases on library website?

Ans. Anyone (students, faculty, staff, etc.) can access e-resources through computers/devices connected to the university WAN campus network including campus wi-fi.

Guests can inquire at a library Information Desk about using guest computers or getting free wireless access for your own device.

Qs. What if I did not get the information resource I want in the Library?

Ans. KRC have membership of DELNET, which offers access to about 6000+ libraries in India and abroad. Through DELNET, members can request for any document which are not available in KRC, in the form of photocopy, scan or hard copy by Inter Library Loan (ILL).

Qs. Is there a laptop charging point available in the library?

Ans. Yes.