The KRC services are open to registered members only. Guest and visitors will be allowed only for short duration,and with prior approval. Who can get the membership is given below in detail.

Membership for KRC Faculty, Staff, Trainer’s and Research Scholar’s:
All Faculty, Staff, Research Scholar’s and Students of BSDU are automatically eligible for KRC membership through a formal registration procedure by producing a photo identification card issued by the University at the KRC Service Desk and completing a registration form.

Membership for External Users
To fulfill the university’s societal obligations, and support its outreach activities, the KRC services have been extended to Non BSDU users, such as various other groups of RUJCT like ELECON, RS INDIA PVT. LTD, RUFIL, WOODCFAFT etc. These users can get the membership of KRC by following proper channel of getting membership or by submitting a refundable amount with the membership form. These kind of users can get the membership after approval of concern Director or equivalent Authority or after paying requisite membership fee. Visitors who are Participants/students of short term (2 weeks to 6 months) non degree programmes at the University and not affiliated to any University programme can get membership of KRC by paying the requisite membership fee. Paid Corporate Skill Industries, Skill Development Schools, and other corporate entities including nonprofit organizations located in the Jaipur nearby towns, which have paid the prescribed KRC Membership Fee.

For more detailed rules of membership click here